The company has moved into the venture of dairy farming with world class technology assisting milking process and processing and packaging of other dairy products. The estimated daily turnover of Rs 3 crores. The farm is under the supervision of veterinary doctor to maintain the over all health of the cows.

The types of cows grazed by us are Gir (1200-1800) kgs of milk , Red Sindhi (1100-2600) Kgs of milk and sahiwal (average milk yield of this breed is between 2,725 and 3,175 kgs in lactation period of 300 days)

Dairy Product Includes :

  • Cream and butter
  • Skimmed milk
  • Cheese
  • Yoghurt
  • Milk Powders

Milk, cheese and yogurt are naturally full of important nutrients such as calcium and protein. The unique package of vitamins and minerals they provide means these dairy foods have some pretty important health benefits.

Research species and breed

The most common dairy animals are cows, goats (good for a small farm), or water buffalo (in south Asia). Each one has many dairy breeds, and local knowledge is your best way to choose between them. Contact government institutions, university agricultural extensions, and established dairy farms and ask for info to help you make the decision:

  1. Rule out breeds that can't thrive in your climate.
  2. For each breed, divide annual upkeep cost by annual milk production to find production cost per unit of milk.
  3. Is there local demand for the breed's milk (based on species and milk fat %)? What about for butter and cheese (where a high fat % is useful)?
  4. How much time and money does it take to raise a calf to milk-producing age? How much can you sell the male calves for?