Spice farming is extensively done in the whole of India. Each spice is grown in an unique manner. Each plant needs a different climate, soil condition, irrigation, manure, pest control methods etc.

We grow every spice in different part of country with great care ,depending on the climate of the place.Spices also go through various post agricultural treatment as well. The company has a huge land bank allotted for spice farming and provide farmers with best equipments for larger and quality production.

No marketing but good sales

At present there's no co-ordinated marketing of spices, and no mass production: individual farmers take their spices to the local central market and sell them there. The last five years has seen a 500 per cent increase in spices sold annually. This is due to the closure of 'resort' hotels, which used to import spices, and the rise in personal tours by tourists. Spices are also increasingly packaged and sold in smaller quantities, due to the increase in tourist demand. "Tourists favour saffron, vanilla, and fresh cinnamon. They can't get them in their countries," explains market trader Saloum Mohamed. Meanwhile Zanzibaris have reinvigorated their own appetite for spices, using them as medicines, aphrodisiacs, animal cures and flavouring for cooking.